I had a very long and winding journey before I discovered feng shui. I had a career in economics working for some of the top firms in the financial sector. But after fifteen years and two young children, I found myself at a crossroads.

Looking for something interesting to engage my mind while I was home with my kids, I took a feng shui course. I had no intention of getting certified but after the course, I was hooked. I ended up taking the professional certification at the Metropolitan Institute of Interior Design. I later took an advanced certification called the Re-Nature Feng Shui program. 

I realized that throughout  my life, I had unwittingly used feng shui to help me accomplish goals and gain perspective. I couldn’t wait to study it more with teachers who could provide the background and know-how of this unique and ancient practice.

Studying the theory of economics is not as dissimilar to studying the theory of feng shui as you might think. Getting a Masters of Economics gave me a way of a thinking about the economy and the world. It gave context to world events. In much the same way, Feng Shui also gives context to the world.  It brings order and structure to my life and that’s what I want it to do for yours.

Feng shui allows me to genuinely give back by helping others accomplish their goals while bringing harmony to their lives.

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